Students Details

Number of students enrolled in the college for the current academic year 2015-2016

Group Name Male Female Total
B.A.(H.E.P) 39 14 53
B.Sc.(M.P.C.) 15 8 23
B.Sc.(M.P.C.Sc.) 04 11 15
B.Com. (General) 33 21 54
Total 91 54 145

The Temporal Plan Of Academic Work In The College: Semester & Annual

The Support Services Available In The College

Central library YES
Computer centre YES
Sports facilities YES
Canteen YES
Grievance Redressal Cell YES
Girls' Waiting Room YES
Career Guidance YES
Seminar Hall YES
Jawahar Knowledge Centre (J.K.C.) YES
Eco Club YES
Consumer Club YES
N.S.S.2 Units Active YES
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) YES
Gymnasium YES
Internet available YES
Herbarium available YES
Museum (Zoology) Available NO
Botanical Garden available No
Alumni Association formed YES
Remedial Coaching Available YES
Mana TV facility YES
Toilets for Students YES
Protected Drinking Water provided YES

Details of the resources generated by the College: Donations etc. for the developmental activities etc.

The College Development Committee, Local M.L.A., and M.P., Local Philanthropists, Village elders are supported for development activities of College